Would you like to earn some extra rewards, Detective? The Survey Board might just be the thing for you! This new feature allows you to earn in-game currency by answering surveys from a third party survey provider. 


How does the Survey Board work?

When you access the Survey Board, you will see a selection of surveys available for you to complete. Each survey will show you how long filling out the survey will take, and what in-game rewards you will earn upon completion. You can claim the in-game rewards immediately after completing the survey and returning to the Offers screen. You will not receive rewards if you leave the survey before reaching the end of it. The survey is provided by third parties, and you will need to accept their terms before proceeding. The third parties have the right to block you from participating for their own reason. 


How do I access the Survey Board?

The Survey Board becomes available after you have unlocked Chapter 8, Scene 1. You can find it in the Offer section of the in-game shop, next to the Daily Gift.

To get there from your island, tap on the top of the screen on one of your currency displays, such as coins, diamonds or energy. If you see a Special Offer on the left side of the screen, you can get to the Offer section that way too. 

Please note that this feature isn’t available to all players just yet! If you can’t find it, keep an eye out for more information in the future!


Do I leave the game when I enter the Survey Board?

The Survey Board is integrated into the June’s Journey app, so no other app or website is needed--everything happens within June's Journey. You will return to the in-game shop once the survey is completed.


How do I get my rewards?

Once you complete a survey, you will see a screen on which you can tap the "Claim" button to receive your rewards. You will then return to the in-game shop. Make sure to claim your rewards before closing the game!


What kind of rewards, and how many, can I earn from completing a survey?

Each survey within the Survey Board shows the type and amount of in-game rewards you can earn by completing the survey. The rewards offered can differ from session to session, but it is shown on the Survey Board Offer card and within the Survey Board itself. 


The Survey Board is grayed out. What does that mean?

This simply means no surveys are available for you to complete at this time. 


How is my data handled in the Survey Board?

The surveys are provided by third party survey providers. When accessing the Survey Board, you will be forwarded to the third-party for the processing and collection of the survey data. When you first click on the Survey Board, you will be asked to accept the provider’s Terms of Service and confirm that you have read their privacy notice. Please note that we do not have access to the answers you provide on the survey itself.