It works like movie magic--we provide the theme, and you get creative!

We will provide you with a temporary island with an empty movie set, which you get to decorate in your own style using beloved June’s Journey props matched with the theme. It’s your chance to create the most spectacular movie sets to impress Jack and other players.

You can access the movie set through the Set the Scene icon on your Orchid Island screen. Keep in mind that it’s available only for the duration of the event!

This is how it works

Step 1: Collect Prop Tokens by playing Hidden Object Scenes.

Step 2: Use your earned Prop Tokens to open prop boxes.

If you run out of tokens, you can use Diamonds to open prop boxes instead.

Keep in mind that one of the prop boxes is always locked, and has to be unlocked with Diamonds first. After that, you are able to open it with Prop Tokens or Diamonds as normal.

Step 3: You’ll receive props from prop boxes.

Step 4: Decorate your movie set using the props, and earn Decoration Points to progress.

Step 5: When you reach a tier, you’ll earn rewards.

Step 6: You can take a screenshot of your final movie set to impress other players with your decoration skills, or to keep as a memory.

The special screenshot view with the Set the Scene logo appears only after you have claimed the gold tier rewards, or when the cooldown timer has begun.

Where can I see my event progress?

Your event progress is displayed next to the movie clapboard in the top-right corner of your main event screen. By tapping the popcorn trophy icon, you can get more information about your rewards.