Creating a perfect movie scene requires a little bit of imagination, talent--and a lot of props!

Prop boxes get delivered to your movie set through the Prop Shop, and when you open them, you receive the exquisite props you need for setting up your scene.

How do I open prop boxes?

You can use your Prop Tokens earned from hidden object gameplay to open the prop boxes stocked in the Prop Shop.

If you are out of Prop Tokens, you can open a prop box with Diamonds, or play more to earn more Prop Tokens.

In general, to be able to open prop boxes, you need Prop Tokens. But to give you a head start, we have delivered you a special box which is entirely free. Free props are delivered to your set regularly, and to fully enjoy the free props, keep an eye on the Free Prop Box timer.

Just click the prop box to claim the props it contains.

After claiming the props, they will be moved to your Set the Scene storage, and you can place them on your movie set from there.

What’s inside a prop box?

We know that the key to setting a flawless movie scene is to mix and match.

And we’ve got you covered! A diverse selection of prop boxes will be on offer, to guarantee that you don’t run out of options when setting your perfect movie scene.

The contents of the prop boxes can vary in each event, and you might find tiles to build paths, decorations of different sizes, people, and animals.

Can I view what is inside the boxes?

Yes. By tapping the info '?' button on each box, you can get a sneak peek at what props you may receive from each prop box. Keep in mind that you may not receive them all at once, and some props are rarer than others.

Do I know what props I’ll receive from the prop box?

Not with certainty. It’ll be an exciting surprise each time you open a prop box!

You can peek inside to see what props you may receive from that box, but there is no guarantee that you’ll receive those specific props. Props you receive from each prop box are randomized.

The chances of getting a specific prop from that specific box are shown under the prop card, and the likelihood of receiving some of the props is more rare. The more boxes you open, the better chance you’ll have to receive rarer props.

Why is one of the prop boxes locked?

Bring your movie set to life with extra-valuable props, like actors and extras!

In each event there will be one locked box available for you to unlock with Diamonds, and it’s perfect for finalizing your astonishing movie scene.

After unlocking it with Diamonds, you’ll still have to use Prop Tokens or Diamonds to open it and claim the props inside.

Once you’ve unlocked a box with Diamonds, it will function like any other prop box, with a timer and tokens.

What is Set the Scene storage, and how does it work?

When you open a prop box, the props received from it will be placed in the Set the Scene storage.

You can visit the Set the Scene storage via the storage icon in the lower left corner of the event screen.

Placing props in Set the Scene works the same way as placing decorations on Orchid Island. You can place an item by tapping it in the Set the Scene storage, and then confirming the placement with the green check mark. Props received from prop boxes are movable after being placed on the movie set.

You can move and store all the props placed within the rails on your movie set--even the pre-placed props.