Award season is here! As with any successful movie, your work will be celebrated, and by progressing through the event, you can win eye-catching popcorn trophies that provide you with fantastic rewards.

What rewards can I earn from a Set the Scene event?

There are three tiers, each one represented by a popcorn trophy: bronze, silver, and gold. Reaching each tier gives you all types of rewards, from Energy to Star Boosters, and as the icing on the cake--the brand-new Golden Prize decoration!

The Golden Prize is exclusive to the gold tier, and you will only receive it by fully completing the event and reaching the final gold tier. You can receive one Golden Prize decoration per Set the Scene event.

Where can I see the rewards that each tier contains?

You can get more information about the rewards each tier gives you by tapping the popcorn trophy icon in the top-right corner of your event screen.

When you tap one of the green magnifying glass ​​icons on the tier progress bar, you can see which rewards you’ll receive after reaching that specific tier.