Let me tell you a bit more about our seasonal sets! They're all just gorgeous and make the year so much more exciting!

As the name suggests, seasonal sets are sets of buildings, flowers, animals, and paths that share a certain theme. That can be a holiday, an actual season of the year, or one of us Tropicats sharing their favorite hobby with you.

You can buy the sets' items with diamonds or coins. However, for those special items you will not only receive Village Points but also special tokens!

And Chief, I have a surprise for you... you even receive a very special prize for collecting a certain amount of tokens! You will find a progress bar in the shop that will show you how close you are to that Grand Prize.
Once you've collected the Grand Prize, the progress bar will reset to 0 and you can start collecting tokens all over again if you want the Grand Prize more than once.

Now let's get back into the game, I bet there's another set just waiting to be completed. So hurry up, Chief, before the season is over!