Switchcraft puts you in the shoes of Bailey Ward, an aspiring young witch studying at Pendle Hill Academy, as she investigates the disappearance of her best friend in a world of magic! Drama, suspense, romance, and mystery unfold as you shape the events of this story-driven match 3!

The match-3 levels are essential to unlocking Switchcraft’s story. In these levels, you have specific goals to complete, such as clearing specific gems or dropping an item to the bottom of the screen.

By matching at least 3 gems of the same color, you work toward accomplishing these goals. You can also combine gems in a specific pattern or number to create Special Gems that clear obstacles even faster!

As you beat levels, you will be rewarded with magicka, which you use to perform tasks and progress through the story. Each task requires a certain amount of magicka.

As you play through each story chapter, you will encounter certain special interactions. These interactive events might require you to cast a powerful spell or investigate certain objects you come across.

You will also meet interesting characters along the way. How these characters feel about Bailey will depend on choices you make!

During certain conversations, you will have the chance to make decisions that may significantly shape Bailey’s relationships and mold the story as well.

As you unravel the mystery and beat more match-3 levels, you will also gain collectibles! You get these collection pieces from the chests you receive after playing match-3 levels or finishing a chapter or book.

After acquiring all the pieces of a certain collectible, you can read about the background of the item. The more story you unlock and the more levels you play, the more knowledge you gain about Bailey’s treasured items!

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