You progress in Switchcraft by playing match-3 levels to acquire the magicka you need to do story tasks.

Here’s a screen displaying the goals you must meet to beat the level. From this same screen, you can also purchase and select helpful boosters. Once you’re all stocked up and ready, hit the “Play” button to start!

On the match-3 level screen, you can see your goals in the upper left-hand corner. You meet these objectives by matching at least 3 gems of the same color. You can also combine gems in a specific configuration or number to create Special Gems that clear obstacles and help you reach the level’s goals even faster!

Starting level 4, you must meet each level’s objectives within a certain number of moves. You can find how many moves you have left in the upper right-hand corner of your level screen. If ever you run out of moves, you can either choose to give up and lose 1 life, or purchase a few extra moves to try to beat the level!