Butterfly levels:

On some levels, you might see a Butterfly flutter by! Match or clear gems that have Butterflies on them in order to free the Butterflies. Once you’ve set all the Butterflies free, you’re one step closer to winning!

Flowers and water levels:

We hope you have a green thumb! Make matches on Glitter Goo tiles to clear away the Glitter Goo and lead the water to the flowers.

Fox levels:

Are you sly enough to help this cute little fox get home? Drop the fox to the side of the board with the goal symbol. You create a path for it by matching or clearing gems in the direction of the goal.

Ghost levels:

Now, don’t get spooked! On these levels, Ghosts will randomly appear on one side of your level screen and slowly work their way to the other side. Ghosts move 1 tile per turn. If they make it all the way across the screen, they take away 1 move! To stop them, make matches using Ghosts and gems of the same color.

Grass levels:

The grass is always greener on the other side! Make matches that connect with gems on Grass tiles to spread the Grass. Completely cover all the tiles in Grass, and you meet your objective!

Moonstone levels:

Time for a little moon river! Make matches next to Moonstones to power them up. Once Moonstones are fully charged, they release Moon Gems in random areas. Match or clear these Moon Gems to meet your objectives and win!

Scroll levels:

Let’s do some spring cleaning! Uncover Scrolls by making matches to reveal them underneath the Glitter Goo. To accomplish your goal, uncover all the Scrolls!

Star Gem levels:

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Star Gems fall from borders marked with a star symbol. Match or clear these Star Gems to accomplish your goal and beat the level!

Mandrake levels:

Don’t you hate when you get woken up from a nice nap? In these levels you need to collect Mandrakes, but they like to nap so you’ll have to wake them up first. To wake them up make a match adjacent to them, then in your next move match adjacent to them again to collect it. Otherwise they will fall asleep again and you will have to wake them up again first. Collect all Mandrakes to win the level.