Boosters are tools that help you gain an edge during a level. There are pregame and in-game boosters that you can purchase with coins or win from reward chests.

Pregame boosters

Right after you tap the play button icon on the main screen, you’ll be greeted with the level details screen. There, you can select and purchase any of the following pregame boosters once you’ve unlocked them. They will help you out on the level you’re about to play.

Boom Pack:

You start off the level with 1 Line Gem and 1 Bomb Gem already on the board!

Rainbow Pearl:

You start off the level with a Rainbow Pearl already on the board!

Double Frogs:

For the entire duration of the level, activating a Frog Gem will unleash 2 Frogs instead of one!

In-game boosters

If you didn’t select a pregame booster, don’t stress! There are also in-game boosters available during a level that you can use if ever you find yourself in a tricky situation. You can find the following boosters at the bottom of a level screen, displayed as different tarot cards.

Shooting Star:

When you spend coins to buy this booster, you get 3 Shooting Star boosters. To use one, tap on the Shooting Star card and then on a gem or obstacle to destroy it instantly!

Magical Hand:

When you make your purchase, you get 3 Magical Hand boosters. Tap on the Magical Hand card, and then you can switch the positions of two adjacent swappable items, such as gems—without spending a move!

Enchanted Ivy:

When you make your purchase, you get 3 Enchanted Ivy boosters. Tap on the Enchanted Ivy card and then on a gem to produce a large cross-shaped explosion! Note that this effect will not instantly destroy obstacles with more than one layer.