Open up the magic mirror by tapping the Mirror icon in the middle of the tab bar of your main screens to access your current chapter and see which tasks are available. Once you meet the magicka requirement for a task from playing match-3 levels, simply tap on the task to start playing!

Bailey’s story unfolds as you tap the screen to advance through the task’s dialogue and descriptions. Pay close attention to each character and situation that you come across. Sometimes you have the chance to make decisions for Bailey, and you might even encounter an interactive event that will require you to do some snooping or cast a spell! Check out this list of interactive events for further information on how to play them:

Find items:

Bailey might have to do some detective work from time to time! In this kind of event, you tap on certain items to learn more about them.

Drag and drop:

Some interactive events require a little problem-solving and fitting two or more pieces together. You might need to drag a certain item to the correct place—for example, dragging a key to a lock.


You might have to get your hands dirty to uncover the truth! In these interactive events, items of interest are either dirty or covered in some way. To continue in the story task, rub the image on your device screen to scrub away dirt or debris, for example.


Switchcraft wouldn’t be complete without some spells! In this type of interactive event, you will have to cast a powerful spell by carefully tracing out the spell’s sigil pattern on your device screen.