As you progress through the story, meeting interesting people along the way, you will sometimes be presented with choices. Cast a spell or hide? Tell the truth, lie, or stay silent? You get to pick which course of action to take! Simply tap the option you prefer.

There are no wrong answers! It’s simply up to you to shape how the story progresses and how your relationships with other characters evolve. Your choices can have a big impact; some characters might become annoyed with you, while others may like you better—even a lot!

Some choices have you determine Bailey’s actions—whether or not to cast a spell, or where to investigate next.

Still other sets of choices let you question characters and go over clues—or cut the conversation short, if you want to move on.

Overall, the choices you make and the actions you take go a long way toward personalizing the story and shaping how it unfolds. Remember, we all make our choices, and in the end our choices make us!