Make your rewards blossom with the Magicka Plant! This magical plant allows you to grow your own rewards and even produce magicka by watching ads. Once you beat level 8, you’ll be able to water the Magicka Plant for goodies.

How do I get rewards from the Magicka Plant?

Tap the Magicka Plant in the main screen to open up the plant menu. From there, you have the option of watering the Magicka Plant by watching an ad. Once the ad finishes playing, one of the plant’s flowers will blossom, granting you a reward!

In one cycle, you water your Magicka Plant 5 times to open its 5 blossoms. The first four grant random rewards such as coins, collection pieces, and unlimited lives. The final blossom is extra special—it awards magicka! Overwatering plants is no good—that’s why there’s a 10-minute wait period between waterings.

Once the Magicka Plant is in full bloom, it has gotten enough water for now. Don’t worry! After 20 hours, the blossoms close, giving you the chance to grow rewards all over again!