Starting a game costs you no lives, but you will lose one life if you lose the game.

You can accumulate a maximum of five lives, and a unit takes 30 minutes to regenerate. 

You can get more lives by:

- Asking your friends

- Buying them with coins

Lives can be purchased by tapping/clicking on the '+' icon next to the life bar.

It's not possible to send lives to friends on Jelly Splash mobile. They have to ask for them!
You can send lives to your friends on Jelly Splash on Facebook by clicking on their profile picture on the map. You can also send lives to friends on Facebook by clicking on any level, then on the 'High Score' tab on the right-hand side of the pop-up, to see a list of friends who have played that level on Jelly Splash. Click on the heart icon next to the profile picture to send them a life.