It's your job to free the Jellys from the evil that is invading  Jelly Land!

Connect lines of Jellys to solve 500+ levels with varying objectives:

Score Levels
Remove lines of Jellys to reach the target score using the limited amount of moves available

Gray Slime Levels
Remove lines of Jellys to clear all the Gray Slime that's underneath the Jellys

Diamonds Levels
Remove lines of Jellys to bring the Diamonds to the bottom of the board

Captured Jelly Levels
Free the Captured Jelly by connecting it to similar coloured Jellys till the number reaches 0

Slime Guards Levels
Remove all the Slime Guards by removing Jellys adjacent to them

Color Combination Levels
Find combos of 3, or more, Jellys as requested on the bar at the top left- hand corner