The goal in the Adventure Clubs Quest is to collect a certain amount of Adventure Club tokens. As the main reward awaits you and the other Adventure Club members a truly unique decoration item, which you can place in your island. 
You earn Adventure Club points for completing personal tasks. These points are counted towards your Adventure Club's Quest requirement. This is a collaborative effort and every member completing personal tasks contributes to the Adventure Club's Quest.

On your way to the main reward you and your Adventure Club will earn Milestone Club Rewards. 

We have received both positive and negative feedback from our amazing fans about this feature, so we have limited the ability to move from one club to another in order to gain multiple rewards within the same Quest week.

An Adventure Club Quest starts every Monday 00:01 and ends on the following Sunday 23:59 (UTC).

In order to claim the main reward, you and your Adventure Club have to complete the Adventure Club Quest before the timer runs out.