As the President of your very own Adventure Club, there are a ton of awesome features you can use to customize your club to fit your tastes!

Under the My Club tab you can start giving your Adventure Club some personality by picking out your club’s crest and setting your official club description.

What’s a club with no members? You can also use the My Club tab to start inviting some fun-loving members to your Adventure Club! From here you can choose how exclusive your Adventure Club is by setting the status to ‘Anyone can join’, ‘Approval needed’, or ‘Closed’.

Vice President and Member Management

Behind every great President is a great Vice President, helping to keep the Adventure Club running like clockwork. What’s even better is that you can have more than one Vice President in your Adventure Club, making it even greater!

Your Vice Presidents can accept or decline invitations to join the club in your stead, and can moderate the chat to make sure everyone is on the same page. Not to mention they get a super sleek updated frame and stamp on their passport to solidify their new role in the club!

To start managing your club members, simply head over to the My Club tab and tap on Manage. Once you’re on the Manage Your Club screen, you can promote a member to be your trusty Vice President, demote a Vice President back to a member, and expel members from your club.

Being President means you call the shots. The ability to promote, demote, or expel members is an exclusive privilege of the Adventure Club President.

Transferring Presidency

The Adventure Club President is a crucial role with regard to keeping the club afloat, which is why the President should be fairly active. Should an Adventure Club find itself with an inactive President, there is no need to worry. There are measures in place to fix that!

If an Adventure Club President is inactive for a span of four weeks, a new candidate for President will be automatically identified within the club. The candidate chosen will be the most senior and most active member in the club.

After the new candidate has been identified and one more week passes without activity from the current President, the candidate will then be promoted and the current President demoted to a member.

Resigning From a Role

Being an Adventure Club President or Vice President is a tall order, and some of us would rather have someone else steer the ship while we enjoy the ride! If you are the President or Vice President of your club and would rather be a member, don’t fret... you can always resign!

To resign from your current post, navigate over to your passport and tap on Resign. Super simple! From there, a new President will be identified and clubs can manage without Vice Presidents, so don’t stress and continue adventuring on your terms!