Pearl’s Peril has two game play scenarios; the hidden object scenes and the island.


You begin by playing the hidden object scenes. At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of items to find. When you spot an item, simply click or tap on it. Complete the list to finish the scene. The faster you find the objects, the higher your score will be.  

Each scene contains five badges to earn, each one being more difficult to earn than the last. Earning badges allows you to progress in the game and uncover more of the story. They can also be used to explore new areas of the island.

For each chapter you have five hidden object scenes and a final adventure scene in which you unlock the deeper secrets of the story. The adventure scene differs from the hidden object scenes, as there is no time bonus for completing the scenes quickly. Simply solve the puzzle by finding and combining the items in the toolbar, and then placing them on the scene.


Artemis Island is the Wallace family home. Your task is to decorate it by customizing the island with decoration items. Each item you add will increase your Prestige level, which in turn unlocks new scenes to play, and new areas of the island to explore. There are two types of decoration items: Buildings and Monuments. Buildings generate daily coins every 24 hours, these coins can then be used to buy more decorations! Each item you add will take time to complete, but this can be sped up by using Greens or collected  materials .