Seasonal events are a mini collections feature and are available for a limited time only.
When there are events available, a pop-up will appear when you first enter the game.


You will also be able to find the icon to access the event on your island view page.

You will be able to find the necessary items for the events by playing Scenes in current and upcoming chapters, the more scenes you play, the higher your chances are of finding an item! The more items you find, the higher your points!  

When you have accumulated enough points you will be able to unlock special rewards.
The rewards are as follows:

1st Reward: 250 Coins
2nd Reward: 350 Coins and 5 Energy
3rd Reward: 500 Coins
4th Reward: 10 Energy
5th Reward: 10 Greens

Seasonal events are announced on the official fan page, so be sure to follow Pearl's Peril on Facebook!