You can store decoration items to make room for more decorations!

Select the item you want to store. A pop-up will appear on top of the item with two options: sell or store. Select the green arrowed-box icon to store your item.  

If you would like to find your stored items, you would have to click or tap on your Inventory (wooden box icon).  

Storage unlocks once 150 badges are obtained.  The number of storage spaces you have is dependent on how many badges you have collected and how many storage spaces you have unlocked, using Greens. You can have a maximum of 160 storage slots with each costing $1 game Greens.

Starting from November 21st it's possible to store your buildings as well, not only decorations.
Note: The two Monuments you have on island (the Palace and Castle) cannot be added to the storage.
In order to unlock this feature, you should have both - Palace and Castle unlocked, 20,000 Prestige gained and at least one fully upgraded building (3 stars).

  • Only fully upgraded buildings (with 3 stars) can be added to the storage
  • Buildings can be added to storage while there are no coins waiting to be collected on them.
Buildings will have a separate tab which will be visible only if you have this feature unlocked.
Different rules are applied to the buildings inventory. We will list them here:
  • Each inventory slot requires a certain amount of Prestige to be unlocked
  • The price for 1 inventory slot is 10 Greens
  • While remaining storaged, buildings will not generate coins.
Important note: Once you have unlocked / purchased a slot, it’s yours forever. You should not get locked out of a slot if you sell items on your island and your prestige number falls below the original requirement of that slot.