Unlimited Energy tokens allow you to play however many scenes you would like within the specified time without running out of energy. 5, 10, and 15 minute tokens can be won as rewards in the Adventure Club. 1 hour tokens can be won as rewards in the Seasonal Events or purchased as a special offer in the Energy Shop.

Once you win a token, it can be found in your token storage and used whenever you want. From your island screen, click on the brown chest then the Token tab.

From here you will find all the tokens you have earned from Adventure Club quests, as well as any earned from the Seasonal Events. Select the token you wish to activate and enjoy your free play.

IMPORTANT: You have the ability to activate more than one stored token at a time, in any combination. Once you click “Activate” your Energy bar will turn blue and the time will start counting down. You will also see a “Booster Activated” notice in your token storage. Token time cannot be paused or saved for a later time once activated.

Every Sunday from 00:01-23:29 UTC, you can purchase a 1 hour token for $100 Greens via your Energy Shop. Click the Unlimited icon on your energy bar to open the shop and see the offer.

IMPORTANT: When you purchase a 1 hour Sunday Special token, it is activated immediately at the time of purchase. It cannot be paused or stored for a later time. However, if you win a 1 hour event token, you have the option to activate it immediately or store it for a later time.