The last chapter in the game is Chapter 90. However, this doesn't mean you can no longer play! You can still compete with your friends for high scores in the Captain's Challenge or repeat your favorite chapters to get the absolute maximum score you can! Not forgetting that you can still perfect your own unique island.

To do this, you will be offered the opportunity to reset your game once you reach the end of Chapter 90, while still keeping your island decorations, currencies, Prestige, and Badges. Keep an eye out for a shiny new icon in your game offering a reset! Nothing changes in your game except resetting your high scores, journal puzzles and scene progress! NOTE: If you do not complete all of your journal puzzles before resetting they will be lost, along with the Green prizes as they are tied to the scene progress.

You will be able to progress without waiting for your friends and you will be able to see all the dialogs again, except for the introductory scene (Chapter 1, Scene 1). New Prestige is not required to progress through the chapters after this partial reset, you only need the Badge requirements.

If you would like to do a full reset of your game, you will need to contact our Customer Care Team with your User ID that is located in your Settings menu. A full reset will start you at Chapter 1 with nothing on your island, and all game currencies will be lost. With this option, your game will reset as if you have never played before. Everything will be lost and Adventure Clubs will not be available until Chapter 5. You will not be placed back in the same Adventure Club once you reach Chapter 5 and if you were a president of your Club, you will not be automatically placed back into that position.