To claim energy from the Energy Board:

- Open your Adventure Club screen
- Tap on the Energy tab in the bottom right-hand corner
- Click on 'Claim Energy'
- The energy in your chest will be added to your Energy Bar

Important things to note:

- You cannot claim energy if you have a full Energy Bar.
- You cannot claim energy if you have an Unlimited Energy token activated.
- You cannot claim energy if you have no energy in your pink Energy Chest.


While the normal limit of storage in the pink Energy Chest is 10 energy, there is a trick to storing more!

When you have a full pink Energy Chest (10 energy) and 9 energy in your Energy Bar, claim a single energy from the Energy Chest to fill your Energy Bar back to 10, leaving your Energy Chest balance at 9. Then make a new request for energy on the Energy Board.

The request when fulfilled and claimed will add an additional 5 energy to your Energy Chest to make a total of 14 energy stored.