What is Athena Island?

Athena Island is the newly discovered second island in Pearl’s Peril. A few years back, when an underwater volcanic eruption took place in the region, an entire new island was formed, but it was still too unstable to visit. When the land was finally safe to access, Pearl and Vincent visited the island and expanded the universe of Pearl’s Peril.

Who can visit Athena Island?

Any Adventurer who has played at least one scene after Chapter 60 can get access to the newly discovered paradise. Keep in mind though, Adventurers, that Athena Island is an island available only for you to decorate, and no other player can visit your island.

What can I do on Athena Island?

Athena Island is a private space for you to decorate as you wish! You can transfer all the decorations you want from Artemis Island through the Inventory and then place them on Athena. You can also purchase and place exciting new decorations, even on the sandy beaches! There is one exception, however. You cannot place buildings that earn Coins on Athena Island.

Why can’t I access the collections/challenges through Athena Island?

As mentioned above, the new island is meant to be a place where you go to relax and decorate at your own pace. If you wish to participate in the other amazing in-game features that we have, you just need to go back to Artemis Island and enjoy your usual gameplay with the other Adventurers.