Grand Prize

The Grand Prize is a time-limited event centered around decoration. Create a scene on your island using your creativity and the beautiful seasonal set to win an exclusive decoration and many other goodies! You can check if the Grand Prize Event is running and for how long by taking a peek at the icon highlighted below.

Tap the event icon to bring up the Grand Prize screen. From here you can see what exclusive reward is up for grabs. There is a different Event Token to collect for each seasonal set. For the Mystical Forest, collect mushrooms to win.

How do I earn Event Tokens?

From the Grand Prize screen simply tap the "Show" icon beneath a decoration to open up the Seasonal Tab.

In order to start collecting you’ll need to buy decorations from the Seasonal Tab. Each seasonal decoration is worth Prestige. Only some of the decorations contribute to the Tokens required for the Grand Prize.

You also have the chance to collect Tokens by winning the Adventure Club Weekly Reward. Be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal decorations in these events so you don’t miss out!

As you accumulate Event Tokens, the Grand Prize Bar starts to fill up. The more the bar fills up, the more rewards you earn, so be sure to get those Event Tokens!


There are quite a few awesome rewards you can earn during the Grand Prize Event. Once you hit a certain level of Tokens you will be awarded with milestone rewards!

These milestone rewards are goodies such as Coins, Energy, building materials, and much more!

The most coveted reward is the Grand Prize itself, of course! Once you’ve completely filled up the bar you will be rewarded with the Grand Prize, which is an exclusive decoration. The Grand Prize decoration is not available anywhere else, so be sure to take part!

The bar resets after you have claimed the Grand Prize, giving you the opportunity to earn Event Tokens, milestone rewards, and another Grand Prize all over again. You can keep on doing this for as long as the Grand Prize Event is running, so go ahead and build an exclusive collection!

Once the event is over you will no longer be able to accumulate Tokens or participate. Don’t worry though, you can trade in any remaining Event Tokens for a prize. Everyone’s a winner!