Iris's Eyes is a twist on the Hidden Object gameplay you already know and love! Instead of seeing words on your screen, you look for items by matching them with the silhouettes of the objects in the scene.

The feature unlocks at Chapter 6 on Margaret's Memorial, near the Collections Beach House on your island. A tutorial will be displayed when you open the feature for the first time to show you everything you need to know!

To play Iris's Eyes scenes, you need Butterflies. Each round you play costs 10 Butterflies and you can collect them by playing Hidden Object Scenes in Pearl’s story, as they're awarded to you randomly.

What is Margaret’s Memorial?

By completing scenes and filling up the blue Badges you'll receive Prestige, and at the end of each scene you will get a Double Badge Booster Token. Blue Badges fill up with each scene completed, so you do not need to reach a certain score. You will, however, notice those Badges filling faster the better you play, so keep on practicing! 
Upon completing an act, you will be rewarded with Vitality that will be used to upgrade Margaret's Memorial and other areas around your island over time.

An act is made up of five scenes or more. When you complete an act, you restore more Vitality to Artemis Island and you’ll see beautiful new features come to life on and around your island. Beautifications are permanent upgrades in your game and you can see the Vitality they offer upon unlocking them through the Act Browser.

After finishing an act, you can tap on the Iris’s Eyes main screen to see when the next one will become available. You can navigate through the different scenes in both your current and previous acts, and you can also get a sneak peek at future acts and their upcoming Vitality. 

If you have finished all the available acts already, congratulations! You have done an amazing job restoring the Vitality of Artemis Island! A countdown will let you know when the next new act is being released, so keep an eye out for more magical acts and the opportunity to earn more Vitality for your island.