What is the new Vitality upgrade in Pearl’s Peril?

Good news, Adventurers! Start putting some Greens aside, because with the new Vitality upgrade in Pearl’s Peril you can purchase the Vitality from Iris’s Eyes! Previously it was available only by completing Iris’s Eyes acts, but now with this new feature it is available to purchase with in-game Greens. All the Vitality decorations are permanent upgrades in your game that unlock previously locked regions, while restoring Vitality to your island.

Can I purchase all the Vitality available in Iris’s Eyes?

You can purchase all available Vitality except Margaret’s Memorial. If you’re playing Iris’s Eyes, you can’t purchase the Vitality of the act you are currently on.

Can I customize the Vitality I have won or purchased?

Sure thing! We want every island to reflect our players’ personal style, therefore we now give you the option to completely change the look of the Vitality you own. And we are not done just yet! You now have the option to customize the look of all the buildings and monuments, and receive extra Prestige while you’re at it!

In order to change the look of your Vitality, monument, or building, click on the desired item and then click on the paintbrush to choose your desired look.

How can I upgrade the appearance of my buildings or monuments?

Only fully upgraded buildings (buildings with 3 Stars) can have their look upgraded, so the first step is to fully upgrade the building of your choice.

When your building is fully upgraded, then you can choose the look of your choice for free by clicking the paintbrush icon and selecting the desired look.

How can I upgrade the appearance of my Vitality?

In order to upgrade the appearance of your Vitality, you first need to acquire it either through progressing in Iris’s Eyes or by purchasing it with in-game Greens.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that only Vitality with upgrades can be customized. When the Vitality is unlocked on your island, you can choose to unlock the next available upgrade.

Keep in mind though, that in order to upgrade the appearance of your Vitality (e.g. to Level 3) you will need to have already unlocked the Level 2 appearance.

Do I lose Prestige if I choose a lower level upgrade after I purchased a later level?

The Prestige you have accumulated remains unchanged even if you decide to choose a lower level upgrade for your buildings. We want to provide you with more options to create the island of your dreams, so feel free to choose whichever appearance best fits your taste.

How many different looks are there to choose from?

The Lovely Lighthouse, the Ancient Ruins, and the Floral Gazebo have three-to-four available looks that you can choose from, while buildings and monuments have four distinct looks available each, so start upgrading the appearance of your items now.