Confirmation email for new subscribers

To receive our newsletters, you first need to subscribe. Please find the instructions here

If you just subscribed and have not received the confirmation email after 10 minutes, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Make sure you check your mailbox folders like spam, advertisements, promotions and others. Often, automated emails from unknown senders are placed there
  2. You can also try searching for in the search bar of your email service provider
  3. If you did not find the confirmation email, we would advise you to return to the subscription web page and enter your email address, check the box to confirm you are not a robot, then click on the “Subscribe” button again. Please take extra care to ensure that your email is correct.
  4. If after attempting each of these steps, you still have not received the confirmation email, please contact us using this link, outlining the exact steps you have taken and where exactly this process has failed. 

General solutions

If you successfully subscribed and still do not receive our newsletters, here is a list of potential solutions:

  1. Make sure you check all mailbox folders like spam, advertisements, promotions and others
  2. If you still cannot find it, it is possible that your email provider is blocking it, in this case, please try to whitelist our email address
  3. Please review the list of blocked contacts, your settings and your folder of deleted messages. It may happen that some emails are directly marked as deleted messages
  4. One common reason for not receiving some emails is a full storage of the email inbox. Please delete some old messages or get more storage
  5. Please check if your firewall or antivirus software is blocking something or deactivate them for a while
  6. Search for in your mailbox
  7. If none of this helps, we recommend that you switch to another email provider
  8. If you followed these instructions and still do not receive our emails, please contact us here