Club Mysteries is a collaborative effort between you and the other Detectives in your club. Together, you work to uncover a crime perpetrated by the Marquess and her henchpeople.

To play Club Mysteries, you’ll need Badges. You might start with a few, but you can get more by playing the main game and sharing Club Mysteries-specific drinks in the Detective Lounge. Many other opportunities may pop up along the way too!

You start investigating each case by searching individual sectors. Bring your favorite magnifying glass and look for clues–it’s the hidden object gameplay we all know and love. Choose your starting sector and go from there! Don’t forget that sectors can have multiple phases, earning you up to six clues per sector as well as diverse rewards, so plan ahead.

When you and your club have found enough clues, a piece of evidence will be uncovered. You won’t be able to do it alone, Detective! Only strong teamwork and cooperation will allow your club to find enough clues and evidence.

Uncover a piece of evidence, and all participating Detectives will earn exciting rewards!

When does my club complete the event?

Once your club has put together three pieces of evidence, the culprit will finally be revealed and the Mystery is solved! Congratulate each other, and enjoy your awesome rewards.