No Detective has to leave the crime scene empty-handed. You can earn generous rewards throughout the Club Mysteries event.

The event gives both individual and team-based rewards, which are awarded when you complete sectors, find clues, and collect evidence.

Some of the exhilarating rewards include League points, currencies like Diamonds, Coins, and Energy, Badges, Materials, Compasses, Decorations, Star Boxes, and 5-Star Boxes. Anything is possible!

Please keep in mind that the rewards you earn depend on the size, level, and activity of your club. 

What are clue rewards?

Clue rewards are the clues you earn when you complete a phase of a sector. Your earned clues count toward your club’s evidence progress.

What are sector rewards?

Sector rewards are individual rewards that you can earn by completing a sector. 

Sector rewards can be Diamonds, Coins, Energy, Gold, Tips, League points, Compasses, and competition hints, among other wonderful rewards.

With every incremental sector that you play, and with higher phases within that sector, you shall receive a higher reward. This adds a rewarding spin to the gameplay, so be sure to choose your sectors carefully.

This also means that you and your fellow Detectives can see and receive different rewards even for the same sector. For example: Player 1 sees a sector awarding 10 Diamonds, whereas Player 2 might see the same sector awarding 200 Coins. How exciting!

What are evidence rewards?

Evidence rewards can be claimed when new pieces of evidence are discovered. ​​You can review the milestone rewards by tapping any evidence on the event landing page.

All club members who are participating in Club Mysteries will be eligible for these rewards.

Participating players must complete at least one phase of a sector to be eligible to earn the evidence rewards.

Evidence rewards will not be automatically added to your game, but have to be claimed.