If you would like to back up your progress in June's Journey there are a number of options available.

We recommend connecting your game to a Facebook account as this allows you to play while synced across platforms and devices if you wish. Progress will be restored simply by logging in with your Facebook account.

See more here on how to sync via Facebook.

If you chose not to use Facebook, you can also back up your game on both Android and iOS through their standard backup methods. For example, if you would like to change to a newer device you can restore your progress from a backup.

This method does not support cross-platform syncing (ex. moving from Android to iOS and vice versa).

*NOTE:* This feature is currently only supported in June's Journey.

For iOS:
Detailed instructions for backing up your iOS device are available from Apple here.

For Android:
- Requires Android 6.0 or higher
- Ensure that you have backups enabled on your device in Settings > Backup & Reset.

Detailed instructions for backing up your Android device are available from Google here.