If there is a Mystery, there has to be clues!

To earn clues you must complete a phase in a sector. You do this by playing exciting Hidden Object Scenes. 

Your club must collect a certain amount of clues to uncover the three pieces of evidence before the event timer runs out. When you have gathered all the evidence, you will uncover who committed this crime!

The number of clues required to uncover a piece of evidence varies from event to event, and also changes depending on the scale of the Mystery. You can track how many clues your club has gathered toward the current piece of evidence by using the clue counter in the top left corner of your screen. Every time a piece of evidence is uncovered, the clue counter resets and progresses to the next piece of evidence.

How many clues can I earn?

Different sectors give you a different number of clues. The more phases a sector has, the more clues you can find. You can earn up to six clues per sector. 

There are three types of sectors:

  • Sectors with one phase, giving you one clue in total
  • Sectors with two phases, giving you three clues in total
  • Sectors with three phases, giving you six clues in total

Remember, Detective, it’s all about the collaboration! All the clues found by your fellow Detectives will count toward the evidence progress, so be sure to communicate and plan the best strategy together with your club. 

You should plan your route on the Search Area carefully in collaboration, because choosing the right sector to search will impact on how fast your Detective Club reaches the required amount of clues.

Earning clues not only helps you progress in gathering evidence, but finishing a sector (by finding all the clues within) also grants you individual rewards. Yes! You will earn rewards for every sector you complete.

When you and your fellow Detectives have gathered enough clues together, one of the three pieces of evidence will be revealed, and you can enjoy fabulous evidence milestone rewards.

Do I lose my clues if my sector is restricted?

Investigate carefully, but keep your eye on the timer. If the sector is not completed quickly enough, the police will restrict access to your sector. 

When your sector is restricted by the police, you get to keep already-earned clues. 

Example: You are on a sector with three phases (and you have completed two of them) when the police restrict your sector. The clues from the first two phases remain intact, and you can still save your sector! To salvage the rest of the clues, you can get access to the sector by paying Diamonds. 

Grab your magnifying glass, Detective. Let's go find those clues!