Hey Detectives! Jack needs your help!

In Set the Scene, you can be part of Orchid Island’s movie history by creating picturesque movie sets to help out our favorite movie director, Jack.

We have created this time-limited event especially for players who truly love decorating, have an eye for creating beautiful landscapes, and enjoy bringing the Juniverse to life using handpicked props.

You’ll receive charming props inspired by various genres, from romance to western, to place on a brand-new temporary island that works as your movie set.

We guarantee you’ll have fun working with Jack on your movie set, and as the cherry on top, you can complete tiers that grant you fabulous rewards, from 5-Star Boxes to Compasses and decorations, as you progress through the event.

The most desirable reward is earned when you reach the gold tier: A very special collectible Golden Prize decoration which can be connected with other Golden Prize decorations won in future Set the Scene events. You can create an entirely new--and larger--decoration which can be placed on your Orchid Island. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

And even if the movie set you decorate is only temporary, your perfect movie moment is not! To celebrate your lovely creations, you get to take a screenshot of your movie set when you reach the gold tier. You can share it to inspire your fellow Detectives, or just keep it as a memory!

Now get ready to show us your decorating skills! How will you set the scene?

P.S. Set the Scene unlocks when you reach Chapter 3, Scene 3.